Could common household items worsen your drug charges?

Possession is the lowest form of a drug offense that you might find yourself facing. Compared with manufacturing or trafficking, the penalties are lower for possession. The social stigma associated with the resulting criminal record is also lower. 

Even a possession charge in Texas could come with significant penalties like jail time and heavy fines. Unfortunately, in specific situations, a person caught with drugs on their person will face more serious charges. 

Some people who get caught with their drug of choice, whether it is marijuana, cocaine or methamphetamine, might find themselves facing charges of possession with intent to distribute trafficking rather than just possession. Sometimes, the presence of seemingly harmless household items can even lead to this upgrade in criminal charges.

Certain household items have an association with drug abuse

Items you might have in your possession for completely innocent purposes can make it look like you have drugs for more than personal use. 

Police officers know that those who ingest powdered drugs might inhale them through a straw or a hollowed-out pen. They might also use folded or partially melted plastic straws to transport a powder drug or contain individual servings of the substance. 

Any kind of individually packaged drug will increase the likelihood that police suspect you of trafficking or illegal drug sales. Your possession of digital scales or even vintage postage scales could also make police think you intended to repackage and sell the drugs. Identifying the reasons why officers want to upgrade the drug charges against you can help you plan to defend yourself in Texas criminal courts.