Protecting Your Rights And Reputation

Facing a sex charge in Texas means you are in danger of having your name placed on the state’s sex offender registry, if convicted. Even a misdemeanor offense can mean a ruined reputation and an official requirement to register location wherever you move. Your criminal defense lawyer better knows how high the stakes are.

If you are under investigation, or have already been charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense in Hidalgo County or Cameron County, Texas, talk to attorney Law Office of Osvaldo J. Morales III P.C. right away. For more than 18 years, attorney Morales has been fighting aggressively to protect people charged with sex offenses in the Southeast Texas Rio Grande Valley. He understands the complexity of these types of cases and how the prosecutor gathers evidence to prepare the case for the state.

“One of the most important things I do for my clients is treat them with respect. I handle every case with discretion and confidentiality. You don’t deserve to be judged by the court of public opinion.” — Attorney Law Office of Osvaldo J. Morales III P.C..

Our experience includes successfully defending clients charged with sex crimes and sexual assault offenses such as:

  • First-degree criminal sexual assault, rape
  • Lesser degrees of felony sexual assault
  • Statutory rape of a minor, date rape, drug possession
  • Misdemeanor sexual misconduct
  • Prostitution and solicitation offenses
  • Sexual assault on a minor
  • Sex trafficking
  • Internet child pornography, solicitation of a minor
  • Child abuse, domestic violence offense

For parents of students at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Young people living away from home for the first time often find themselves in legal, moral and ethical situations they are unfamiliar with. It is not uncommon for a student at the UTRGV to push the boundaries too far and get charged with a date-related sex offense. If your child is in legal trouble, talk to a local criminal defense attorney with nearly two decades of experience providing aggressive defense for sex offenses.

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