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DWI charges can be affected by multiple factors

Texas laws are tough on anything that could result in harm to others while driving on the state's busy roads. That includes drunk driving. Drunk driving is typically referred to under the law as driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI). Anyone charged with a DWI can face serious penalties, especially if they are a repeat offender or if someone got hurt.

One DWI case that made headlines across Texas recently involved both of those circumstances. A 36-year-old man was arrested and charged with DWI. He had been charged with two previous DWI offenses, making this his third. Additionally, he is accused of injuring two Texas police officers.

Drug crimes can involve possession and transportation

Being accused of a crime involving possession or trafficking of drugs in Texas is very serious. Individuals who are accused of drug possession or drug trafficking crimes can find their reputations damaged. They can also face severe penalties. For that reason, it is critical for anyone facing such accusations to secure qualified and experienced representation in the form of an attorney who has successfully worked with the issues specific to drug crimes before.

One recent drug crime in the news involved someone originally brought to the attention of authorities by way of a car accident. The man involved, a former Mexican police officer, was driving in a 2007 Ford Explorer SUV on Interstate 40 and almost hit the vehicle a trooper with the Texas Department of Public Safety was in. The trooper, confronting the man about that, became very suspicious of the man and asked to search his vehicle.

Victims and perpetrators are sometimes hard to distinguish

Not long ago, most Americans would have been shocked and puzzled to hear that the trafficking of human victims still existed anywhere, much less in the United States and even in communities near them.

Times have changed quickly. Only in 2003 did Washington State become the first state in America to criminalize human trafficking. Today, every state has done the same and public awareness has grown enormously.

Drugs found by officers seeking stolen cellphones

It is a serious matter to be charged with drug-related offenses, including possession of drugs. A charge of possession of drugs can result in a wide range of penalties for a person found guilty of it, including, in some cases, incarceration. Of course, the penalties for those found guilty of drug possession are dependent upon a wide array of factors, including the kind of drugs that they had and if the amount of drugs they had constitutes intent to distribute the drugs.

Sometimes, drugs are discovered by accident while intrepid police officers are busily investigating something else. Recently, officers were responding to the theft of backpacks from several people who were at a water park. Those backpacks included items like an Apple Watch and cellphones, with the total value of the items being $4,869.

DWI charges can result in severe penalties

Texas roads can be dangerous places due to the sheer volume of vehicles on them, especially in peak hours. Of course, road maintenance issues and bad weather conditions can make the roads even more dangerous. That is a good reason why drivers should make sure that they are not impaired in any way when they take their vehicles out on the roads so they can protect themselves, their passengers and others. Moreover, if you drive drunk, you can face serious legal penalties.

Even one drink can put someone in an impaired condition, which is why anyone planning to drink at all should arrange for a designated driver or be prepared to use Uber or other ride hailing service before they start. Many things affect how impaired a person gets after each drink, including their body weight, their gender and the amount of food they've eaten.

The danger of drunk driving in Texas

Being charged with drunk driving, typically referred to as DUI or DWI charge, can result in a range of consequences for defendants. Those consequences can include incarceration, fines and administrative license suspension. The consequences are often particularly severe in cases of repeat offenses and in cases where injuries were suffered as a result of the defendant's actions while under the influence.

Despite that, many people are stopped and arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in Texas every day. That happens in big cities and small rural areas, with police setting up what are called sobriety checkpoints in order to stop vehicles at an array of locations. These checkpoints, as their name implies, exist to give police officers an opportunity to determine if drivers are under the influence. To do so successfully, they may focus on vehicles that seem to be driven too fast, are driven erratically or otherwise appear to be driven in an unsafe manner.

How a criminal defense attorney helps your case

Were you charged with a crime in Edinburg, Texas? If so, the most important thing you can do for your rights and freedom is to hire a criminal defense attorney. Why? A criminal defense attorney has plenty of experience handling all types of criminal cases and can ensure that your rights are not taken advantage of in court or when placed under arrest.

When you work with a criminal defense attorney you will be able to understand all of the following:

  • The charges levied against you
  • The defenses to those charges you can use
  • The plea bargains that can be offered
  • What you can expect following a trial or conviction

How do Texas authorities define human trafficking?

The Office of the Attorney General of Texas (AGT) describes human trafficking as a type of slavery. It involves children, women and men being forced to work or perform sex acts for someone else's financial gain.

Data published by researchers at the University of Texas at Austin in 2016 showed that there were 234,000 victims of labor trafficking in Texas then. There were approximately 79,000 minor sex trafficking victims.

What are the penalties for drunk driving in Texas?

Going out for a drink with friends is something everyone does now and then. After a few drinks one may assume that they are safe to drive home, especially if they live close. However, if the police pull you over you could be facing serious consequences.

Individuals who live in Texas report that they drive after drinking too much at a higher rate than the national average. Drunk driving puts everyone on the road in danger, which is why it is always best to call a friend or order an Uber. What penalties will one face for a first offense DWI? Are there more serious penalties?

The problem with illegal reentry: What immigrants need to know

If you've been here in the United States for a significant amount of time, it's possible that you've overstayed the limit of your visa. While that is a problem, it becomes a much bigger issue -- and an actual crime -- if you leave the country and try to reenter it again illegally.

Generally speaking, being in this country without the proper documentation can get you detained and deported, but it is treated more like a civil offense. Reentering the country after you've been deported and banned, however, is a felony. Similarly, it's considered a crime if you enter the United States after having been officially denied admission, excluded, removed, or if you departed on your own while an order of exclusion, removal or deportation is pending.

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