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Dependable Representation In Administrative Hearings

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs has both criminal and administrative penalties. While the criminal consequences might seem more pressing, it is important that you do not overlook the impact the administrative penalties can have on your life.

At the Law Office of Osvaldo J. Morales III P.C., we provide our clients with fierce and knowledgeable representation in both criminal and administrative proceedings. Our founding attorney has extensive experience personally assisting clients around Texas through litigation. We care about our clients, and it is our goal to protect your future from the consequences of DWI charges.

What To Know About Administrative License Suspension

Many people do not know that after a DWI charge, you face just as many civil consequences as criminal ones. The most serious civil penalties you could face include:

  • License suspension from 90 to 365 days
  • License revocation from 90 to 365 days

To prevent these consequences, you have only 15 days to request an administrative hearing. If you do not, you could lose your license no matter what the outcome of the criminal DWI case is. And getting your license reinstated is more difficult than preventing a suspension in the first place.

It is critical to act as soon as possible after being charged with a DWI to protect your driving privileges. Do not waive your right to challenge your license suspension. These hearings are important. Even if the ruling is not in your favor, you have an opportunity to review the same evidence that will be used in the criminal case.

At our law firm, we know how both the civil and criminal proceedings work in these cases, and we know how to help you take full advantage of your options. Contact our experienced and dedicated lawyer today to fight for you.

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