Texas teen faces charges for attack on referee

It’s important that people understand that they could face penalties for causing car crashes. Though a crash might seem accidental, recklessness or intentional misconduct could lead to misdemeanor or felony charges.

Take, for example, a case involving a student from South Texas high school. An 18-year-old student has been charged with a Class A misdemeanor for assault after attacking a referee by knocking him to the ground after taking him out of the game.

The teen had been taken out of the game for an undisclosed reason, but as soon as the referee ejected him, he intentionally sprinted from the sidelines and slammed into the referee. This resulted in the man falling down and having to be evaluated for a concussion.

The entire football team from Edinburg has been removed from the playoffs as a result of the incident.

This isn’t the first incident of its kind

This isn’t the first time that referees have been injured by students. In 2015, two students at John Jay High School hit a referee. They ended up facing misdemeanor assault charged and pleaded guilty alongside their team’s head coach.

Mistakes may lead to charges, but you always deserve a defense

It is the truth that mistakes can lead to charges, but you should have an opportunity to defend yourself. Teens and young adults sometimes make poor decisions, but those decisions shouldn’t have to affect them for the rest of their lives, especially if no one was hurt in the end. It’s important to look at the case as a whole and to fight for a reasonable outcome based on the facts.