DWI charges can result in severe penalties

Texas roads can be dangerous places due to the sheer volume of vehicles on them, especially in peak hours. Of course, road maintenance issues and bad weather conditions can make the roads even more dangerous. That is a good reason why drivers should make sure that they are not impaired in any way when they take their vehicles out on the roads so they can protect themselves, their passengers and others. Moreover, if you drive drunk, you can face serious legal penalties.

Even one drink can put someone in an impaired condition, which is why anyone planning to drink at all should arrange for a designated driver or be prepared to use Uber or other ride hailing service before they start. Many things affect how impaired a person gets after each drink, including their body weight, their gender and the amount of food they’ve eaten.

In Texas, a person can be considered legally intoxicated, be arrested, and face DWI charges if they have a blood alcohol level (BAC) of .08. Regardless of their BAC, a person can charged with a DWI if authorities determine that the person is driving while intoxicated by other means. Having an open container of alcohol in a vehicle can also result in a $500 fine.

Additionally, there can be still more trouble for a person who has a passenger under age 15 while driving while intoxicated. If that happens, the driver can lose their license for 180 days, be required to pay a fine of up to $10,000 and be sentenced to as much as two years in jail. That is why anyone accused of drunk driving should consult an experienced attorney immediately.