How long will a Texas DWI conviction impact your insurance rates?

Every driver pays a different rate for their motor vehicle insurance coverage based on age, gender, driving history and other factors. Insurance companies have to consider your likelihood of causing a crash and costing them money when they determine how much to charge for your policy.

Your driving record plays a major role in how much your car insurance costs. A driving while intoxicated (DWI) offense is a red flag to insurance carriers that you represent significant potential liability for a claim.

They will charge you more for your insurance coverage because of the DWI on your record. How long will a conviction affect what you pay for your policy?

A DWO stays on your record for life

In some states, traffic offenses including impaired driving will eventually fall off of someone’s record. However, that does not happen in Texas. After a DWI conviction, the record of that offense will follow you for the rest of your life.

An insurance company will be able to tell when they check your record that you have had a DWI even if it has been two decades since your conviction. The good news is that they will place less importance on the DWI as time passes, especially if you avoid other driving infractions.

The only way to avoid paying hundreds of dollars more per year for the same coverage that you have right now is to fight back against the pending DWI charge to keep a clean driving record. Understanding both the criminal and financial consequences of a DWI can give you a good reason to defend yourself Against drunk driving allegations.