Getting a relative a housekeeping job could be human trafficking

Undocumented immigrants often do undocumented work. They work for cash under the table doing domestic labor or dirty work at restaurants and factories.

If you have a family member who wants to come to the United States and who doesn’t have an education or professional skills, you could help connect them to a domestic job with someone you know in another state. Your intention is to help set your cousin up for a better life here in the U.S.

However, the people who offer them a job may plan to keep their personal documentation under lock and key so that they feel like they can never leave. If your role in the situation comes to light, you could find yourself accused of human trafficking.

Many undocumented immigrants face illegal work environments

No one should be subject to employment demands that don’t comply with labor laws. Workers should receive appropriate and fair wages, working environments where they are free from harassment by their employer and be able to leave a job if they do not like their arrangements.

Unfortunately, undocumented workers are particularly vulnerable to those who would mistreat or even technically enslave the people they employ. Someone who hires an undocumented immigrant may refuse to pay them or force them to work in unsafe conditions.

Anyone who facilitates the situation that leads to someone’s trafficking could later get charged with a criminal offense. Playing a role in helping an undocumented worker get an illegal job could eventually lead to serious criminal charges against you. Learning more about what constitutes human trafficking can help you protect yourself and the people turning to you for assistance.