Is it legal to keep a gun in your vehicle in Texas?

Texas is a unique state. It is extremely pro-gun, which means the gun laws are a bit more lenient than in most other states. 

While this is true, there are still times when it is not considered legal to have a gun in your vehicle. In fact, failing to follow the law may result in your arrest and being charged with a serious gun crime and potential felony conviction. 

The rules according to the Texas Motorist Protection Act

According to this act, Texans can carry a gun (loaded or unloaded) in their vehicle without a permit or any other documentation. The car must be theirs or under their control, while the gun is in it (i.e., you can’t lend your vehicle to another person and leave your gun inside). 

The potential caveats to the law

Where the law is concerned, however, there are usually a few exceptions to every rule. In this case, you have a few requirements to meet to keep the gun in your vehicle while obeying the law. 

For example, you must keep the gun hidden from view. This means it needs to be under a seat, in the glove box, or even in the trunk. Additionally, only those who are permitted to carry a gun based on federal law may do so. Other requirements include not engaging in criminal or gang activity while the gun is in your vehicle. 

Protect yourself from a potential gun charge

There is no question that Texans love the Second Amendment. However, you need to ensure you are following the law regarding keeping a gun in your vehicle. If you do end up facing a gun charge for any reason, make sure that you fully explore your defense options.