4 mistakes people must avoid after an accident

People often go into autopilot mode after a traumatic shock. The way your body reacts to a car crash might mean that you likely won’t be as logical or, as he might usually be.

Unfortunately, if you don’t already have a plan of action memorized for what to do after a crash, you could actually make some very significant mistakes. What are some of the ways that a driver could hurt their own situation after a car crash?

They admit fault for the crash

It may seem like the honorable thing to do to just tell the police officer writing up the report that you were the one who made a mistake and caused the wreck. However, it is the officer’s job to investigate the situation and make their own determination about fault.

Admitting fault right away may prevent the officer from uncovering information, like the other driver’s intoxication, that could have an impact on your case. Even apologizing to the other driver could be a mistake that affects your rights after a crash.

They talk with the insurance company

The insurance adjuster responsible for settling your claim against the other driver’s policy will clearly try to minimize how much you receive. Some people, eager to resolve their claim, will agree to a recorded interview or lengthy discussion with an insurance company employee.

The insurance employee will likely try to get you to implicate yourself or otherwise undermine your right to compensation during an interview, especially a recorded one.

They try to privately settle with the insurance company

Privately settling means that a policyholder or claimant personally handles the communication with the insurance company and agrees to a specific settlement. Although settling an insurance claim can sometimes be beneficial, it is almost always best to have professional help with that process. The insurance company could trick you into accepting far less than what is appropriate given the extent of your losses.

They don’t receive medical care

Too many people leave the scene of a crash and try to just move on with their day. Seeing a doctor right away after a collision can help you diagnose injuries that are invisible at first, including soft tissue injuries, internal bleeding and traumatic brain injuries. Timely evaluation and treatment help you recover physically from a crash and also make it easier for you to make a financial claim.

Avoiding these common mistakes people make after a car crash will make it easier for you to receive the compensation you deserve for the wreck.