Three common ways you can be accused of fraud 

Being accused of fraud can leave you distraught and devastated. Whether or not you know the circumstances that led to the accusation, it is in your best interests to take this charge seriously. Remember, a successful fraud conviction can have far-reaching consequences for your life. 

Fraud happens when there is a misrepresentation of facts or a breach of trust that results in financial gain for the perpetrator. Fraud can take multiple forms. The state of Texas recognizes many different types of fraud, each having its own set of elements that must be proved during the trial. 

Here are some of the most common kinds of fraud that end up being prosecuted:

Identity fraud

An individual’s identity can be stolen in a variety of ways. In Texas, identity theft is broadly defined as the fraudulent possession and use of another person’s identification information. A stolen identity can be used for collecting earned wages in someone else’s name, filing fraudulent tax returns, or carrying out a fraudulent transaction. To be successfully prosecuted for identity theft, the prosecution must prove that the misused identity information was obtained and/or used with unlawful intent and without the owner’s consent.

Insurance fraud

Insurance fraud can involve pretty much any type of insurance, including car insurance, health insurance and property insurance. Insurance fraud occurs when the policyholder attempts to deceive the insurance company into making an unjustified payment. Insurance fraud can also take the form of a healthcare provider who attempts to collect payment from the insurance company for a treatment they never provided. 

In Texas, the penalty for insurance fraud depends on the value of the claim. Upon conviction, the defendant may face a fine and/or jail time. They may also be compelled to pay restitution, court fees and legal fees for the affected insurance carrier. 

Credit card fraud

Credit card fraud happens when an individual attempts to use or appropriate another person’s credit card without their consent. In Texas, credit card fraud includes the use of a fictitious credit card, stealing a credit card or using a stolen card number.

Being accused of fraud is a big deal. If you find yourself facing fraud charges in Texas, it is important that you take immediate steps to defend yourself.