3 things to remember after a Texas car collision

After a serious motor vehicle collision, most individuals can feel frightened and confused about what their immediate future looks like. Will their injuries require extended medical treatment? Who will pay all those bills? How will they get to work while their car is in the shop? This worry and concern can quickly become overwhelming. While every car crash is unique, there are common factors that everyone should remember during and after the event.

What you say matters

After an accident, what you say can directly impact how your case goes. From conversations with the other drivers involved in the collision to how you answer your insurance carrier’s questions, you need to be careful. It is wise to stick to the facts in all situations. In your initial conversations with the other drivers, be careful not to admit fault. While you might feel sorry that the entire situation occurred, apologizing for your part in the event or saying you are sorry you could not avoid the other vehicle can place blame for the collision directly on your shoulders.

Additionally, when speaking to your insurance company, it is important to reference facts rather than speculation. Don’t embellish the truth and don’t leave out details. In fact, it is probably wise to take notes immediately after the collision so you can reference things that might slip your memory – time of day, weather conditions, witnesses, traffic level, etc.

The insurance company is a company

This might go without saying, but it is worth a reminder: your insurance company is ultimately in business to protect their own bottom line. They have a difficult task of balancing your needs as a client with their own profitability. They must act in good faith, but will take any opportunity to delay, devalue or deny your injury claim.

There is no one-size-fits-all process

While you might be confused about the process in general, it is wise to remember that the factors in your case largely determine how it proceeds. The parties might settle one case through negotiation while some cases will need to go to court. It is wise to work with an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney who can provide the guidance you need from start to finish.

A serious collision can leave you on uncertain footing. From devastating property damage to catastrophic injuries, a vehicle crash can represent one of the most stressful times in your life. A severe wreck might require a hospital stay, surgery and lengthy physical therapy. Injured individuals quickly find themselves facing financial peril. It is wise to remember these tips and move through the process as efficiently as possible.