This is how identity theft can happen accidentally

Identity theft is a true problem in America today, but there are also cases where people are accused of stealing others’ identities but didn’t intend to do so. Mistakes happen, and in a digital environment, it’s easy for them to occur.

Being falsely accused of committing identity theft offenses can be upsetting, and you have every right to be concerned. If you don’t defend yourself, then there is a chance that you could be convicted and face serious penalties, like time in prison and heavy fines.

How could someone accidentally take another person’s identity or commit identity theft without realizing it?

Interestingly, there are a few ways that could happen. For example, have you ever borrowed a friend’s debit card or credit card to make a purchase? Technically speaking, even though you have permission, you’re still committing identity theft. Similarly, if you apply for credit using a friend’s name because your credit is poor, then you could be accused of fraud. This is true even when you have permission from them to do so.

Another way identity theft accusations can arise is by using someone else’s identifying information online. For instance, if you use a rapid checkout on a popular shopping site, you might not notice that someone else’s credit card information was set as the payment method. If that’s the case, then they could claim that fraud happened and that you stole their identity.

Mistakes happen, but they shouldn’t have to ruin your life. Your attorney will work closely with you to fight the charges and help you defend yourself.