Light alcoholic beverages and DWI charges

When some people think about drunk drivers, they envision people who drink many beers or liquor before getting into their vehicle. However, even light alcoholic beverages can lead to DWI charges. In fact, some people are surprised to find out that they are over the legal limit after consuming a seemingly small amount of alcohol.

If you are facing DWI charges after consuming light alcoholic beverages, it is just as important to protect your future and understand what is at stake.

Mixed drinks and light beer

Unfortunately, light alcoholic beverages are especially concerning when it comes to drunk driving charges because many people do not even realize that they are intoxicated. For example, some people have a mixed drink at a party and do not feel intoxicated. However, when there is more alcohol in the drink than they thought, this can lead to failing a sobriety test if they are stopped by a law enforcement official. Likewise, consuming light beer with a very small amount of alcohol is tricky in some instances because one does not realize that this places them over the legal limit, especially if they have an empty stomach or consume a few of these beverages.

Preparing for your case

Ultimately, it does not matter whether one is over the legal limit because of hard liquor or light alcoholic beverages. Whenever someone is stopped for drunk driving and they fail a sobriety test, their future is at stake and it is pivotal to prepare. Our website goes over many other topics related to charges for driving while intoxicated.