Facing drug charges as a parent

Our law firm knows how devastating drug cases are, whether a young person is charged with a drug-related offense and future opportunities are on the line or someone who is facing financial challenges has an especially hard time dealing with these charges. However, parents who are charged with a drug-related offense often find themselves in a particularly difficult position. 

From custody to one’s financial well-being and ability to provide for their family, there are many issues parents need to consider when these allegations surface. Moreover, one’s approach to their case often makes a significant difference. 

Custody disputes 

For starters, when a parent is accused of an offense related to drugs, this often spells disaster if they are involved in a custody dispute. Some drug cases also cause marriages to fall apart, and when this happens, the other parent sometimes tries to gain full custody or interfere with their ex’s visitation rights. Unfortunately, parents who have a drug offense on their record often face additional pressure during this difficult time and are not always able to gain a favorable outcome. 

Your financial future 

Drug charges affect one’s finances in various ways, from losing a job and struggling to secure another position to missing work as a result of time behind bars and paying costly fines. For parents, this is very hard, especially if their children require financial support. For these reasons and many others, it is imperative for parents to handle drug cases correctly. All details surrounding the allegations require careful review and our law office discusses many other topics related to drug charges.