Can a college cut your financial support over a DUI?

A Texas college student with their first DUI charge is often a student who does not know what to do next. The worst thing you can do is attempt to brush this off. Do not assume you will get off the hook because it is a first offense. Do not assume the penalty will not be that harsh. 

Today, we will take a look at some of the repercussions of DUI convictions. In specific, we will look at how colleges handle these convictions. After all, the repercussions of DUI convictions do not end in the court. 

The possibility of being expelled 

The College Investors point out that a college has all the power when it comes to deciding how to handle DUI cases. The police notify your college if the court convicts you of a DUI related crime. From there, it is up to the college to decide how to handle the situation. In rare cases, a college may expel a student. This often happens if it is not a first offense, or if the crime was serious. An example is if a student’s DUI crime caused a loss of life. 

Cutting your financial support 

What is more common is a college cutting financial support. Let us say a college is providing you with a scholarship. What happens if they continue providing money to a student that has a DUI conviction on record? This knowledge is available to the public. Students or parents may disagree with a college providing financial support to a convicted student. To avoid this possibility, they pull support before anything can get out of hand. 

Colleges also often ban a person with a DUI conviction from using on-campus housing. This means you must pay out of pocket to stay somewhere off-campus. This is another expensive cost. If you are tight on money or depending on aid to get through college, one DUI can ruin your chances.