Seven factors that affect your alcohol impairment level

Many people enjoy alcohol and there is nothing wrong with that. There is something wrong with becoming over-impaired and significantly upping the chance of causing injury or death to yourself or others.

It’s relatively unknown that so many factors affect how fast and severe alcohol impairs people. Everyone absorbs and metabolizes alcohol at a different rate. These factors, that we’ll go into more detail about below, are your sex and ethnicity, weight, any medications you’re taking, drinking on an empty vs. full stomach, family history and whether you partake in chugging or skilled sipping.


Due to smaller frames, and a higher fat to muscle ratio, women often get drunker quicker than men. One’s muscle to fat ratio, especially for a larger individual, play a sizeable factor in alcohol adsorption as fat absorbs alcohol at a much faster rate than muscle. In addition to sex and weight, women and those of specifically Asian or Native American descent have shown to produce fewer enzymes used to metabolize alcohol.


Over-the-counter and prescription can have varying, unpredictable and possibly adverse effects on your body when consuming alcohol. One known example is Tylenol or Ibuprofen, which can negatively affect your liver if paired with alcohol. If taking any medications, be aware of the side effects on your mind and body if any when consuming alcohol.

Drinking on an empty vs. full stomach

When you drink on an empty stomach, it irritates your digestive system which leads to rapid alcohol adsorption. To remedy this, eat a protein-rich foods before and while you are drinking alcohol to slow down the impairment process.

Family history

Addictions are real and often are an inherited trait. If your family shows a history of addiction or simply, addictive personalities, engaging in constant alcohol consumption could lead you down a dark alcohol dependent future.

chugging or skilled sipping

When you chug alcohol, it’s like purposely overdosing. It’s also understood that partaking when partaking in chugging, the goal is to get buzzed or drunk quicker, but when you do this, you are putting added stress on your body ability to correctly metabolize the alcohol and eventually your body will shut down and stop metabolizing. The result will be significant impairment, accompanied by very poor motor skills lowered inhibitions and awareness, vomiting (the initial sign of alcohol poisoning,) and blacking out (other brain activities shutting down.)

Choosing this route often enough could provide you will serious and prolonged health problems or alcohol-related legal issues. Avoid this mess by appropriately enjoying your alcoholic drinks.

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