Murder suspect arrested due to DNA evidence

When a crime is perpetrated and the perpetrator escapes, it can sometimes be weeks, months or even years before he or she is caught. With DNA testing technology becoming more advanced, however, it is getting easier for Texas police to find out who committed a crime, even without any physical descriptions of a suspect.

This was the case for a Dallas man who was recently arrested for the murder of his wife. Dallas News reports that the woman was found dead in her car on the morning of July 13, but someone who witnessed the crime saw a person with a yellow and orange shirt running away from the scene. DNA testing on the shirt, which the suspect threw under a nearby car, connected it to the victim’s husband. The suspect had been filmed throwing it under the car thanks to videos from nearby home surveillance cameras.

The man is currently on immigration hold, but he remains in the Dallas County Jail with a bail of $250,000. DNA testing of the shirt had been completed by Friday, and by Saturday he was arrested.

Anyone who has been accused of a crime as a result of DNA evidence may be able to dispute his or her guilt in the matter. There can be instances where someone’s DNA is found at a crime scene, but he or she had nothing to do with the crime itself. Those who have been charged with crimes may benefit from the representation of a lawyer who practices criminal law.