Drugs found by officers seeking stolen cellphones

It is a serious matter to be charged with drug-related offenses, including possession of drugs. A charge of possession of drugs can result in a wide range of penalties for a person found guilty of it, including, in some cases, incarceration. Of course, the penalties for those found guilty of drug possession are dependent upon a wide array of factors, including the kind of drugs that they had and if the amount of drugs they had constitutes intent to distribute the drugs.

Sometimes, drugs are discovered by accident while intrepid police officers are busily investigating something else. Recently, officers were responding to the theft of backpacks from several people who were at a water park. Those backpacks included items like an Apple Watch and cellphones, with the total value of the items being $4,869.

Fortunately for the owners of the cellphones (but unfortunately for those who took them), cellphones are tracking devices. That means that anyone who steals them might as well have left behind a map of exactly where they went. Indeed, authorities did track two of the cellphones, and went to the home to where the cellphones and other items from the backpacks had been taken.

There, the officers conducted surveillance, and were able to affirm that the occupants of the home were individuals who had been observed at the water park. Based on that, the officers planned a raid to retrieve the cellphones, the Apple Watch and the backpacks and reunite them with their owners.

During the raid, the officers found a lot of cash, a gun and a substantial quantity of narcotics packaged for distribution. They then were able to charge one of the occupants with possession of a controlled substance.