How a criminal defense attorney helps your case

Were you charged with a crime in Edinburg, Texas? If so, the most important thing you can do for your rights and freedom is to hire a criminal defense attorney. Why? A criminal defense attorney has plenty of experience handling all types of criminal cases and can ensure that your rights are not taken advantage of in court or when placed under arrest.

When you work with a criminal defense attorney you will be able to understand all of the following:

  • The charges levied against you
  • The defenses to those charges you can use
  • The plea bargains that can be offered
  • What you can expect following a trial or conviction

A criminal defense attorney will be able to investigate the incident that led to the charges. He or she will interview witnesses on your behalf, obtain the police report, speak to responding officers, collect evidence and secure expert witnesses for the trial, if needed.

A defense attorney can also work towards having the charges against you either dropped or reduced. This takes a lot of work and negotiating with the prosecutor. Someone not skilled in the law will be unable to handle this themselves.

Should you be convicted of the crime, an attorney can help negotiate a lighter sentence with the court, making sure you are not in jail for years on end or issued a hefty fine.

There’s no reason to represent yourself in a criminal case. You don’t know the law. You don’t know the court system and you aren’t trained on how to argue a case correctly. When you hire a criminal defense attorney, you are putting your rights in the hands of a capable and trusted person.